Keyword Research & Analysis

The accurate selection of keywords is necessary to attract targeted traffic from prospects and customers who are most likely to take the action you want them to.

We review the keywords that searchers actually use to find products and services in your market. That’s the only way you can be sure your company website is responsive to the ways your prospects and potential customers actually search.

We don’t just use traffic volume as a guide, we consider the conversion potential too, because traffic that converts is real traffic— everything else is just noise

Online Marketing

We flood the web with information pointing back to your website, which means more ways for search engines to find relevance for searchers in your market.   Thousands of searchers, bringing up your website, equals thousands more potential clients coming in the door and trying your services.
We design and implement the linking strategy you need without using spammy, automated link exchange tactics. Instead, you’ll get a powerful inbound linking strategy that delivers more traffic while establishing respect for your company as an authority in your industry or market niche.

You’ll get a scheduled, managed content distribution plan to ensure both increased visibility and qualified traffic. If your company needs custom content created, we can provide that too. Articles, technical reports, white papers, multimedia– just ask.

Web Site Design, Redesign & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your web pages must be appealing to both search engine spiders and your human visitors too. Our experience gives us the advanced knowledge you need to make your pages appeal to both audiences.

Beginning with directories, inner linking and file naming conventions, we address the actual structural integrity of your company’s website.  From the unseen HTML tags to SEO web copywriting, we optimize for the factors that impact both visibility and persuasion.

We create web sites that take all these factors into consideration, not just the visible design that most web designers focus on.  If you already have a web site, we can also identify and implement whatever re-design is needed to increase your search engine rankings– while driving more opt-in, lead and sales conversions.

Adding Streams of Income

We work with your business to develop alternate streams of income to grow your bottom line. We look at numerous complementary products and services you could be offering to the customers you already have, as well as adding new customers by working with others business owners. Have you always wanted to be a published author? We can help with that too!