-Joe Antol, Owner of ColumbusPersonalChef.com

-Stephanie N, Nail Salon Owner

Tina has been a prized asset to have on our side and since meeting her she has demonstrated that her methods are forever evolving and fresh, constantly offering new advice to keep my companies presence looking sharp.

Expressing herself with a strong knowledgeable flair and dynamic thinking processes, Tina delivers her expertise in a way which is transparent and honest.

Tina assisted my company to boost the level of inquiries coming in as a result spiking our sales figures, these results are directly related to our engagement of her services.

Tina does not just share text book methods and strategies like a lot of over priced and uncommitted online marketing consultants out there, her advise is specific and tailored to our needs as a client.

I can highly recommend her expertise & there are just no words to tell how much her advice has contributed to our new found growth and redeveloped online presence.

Pleasure Pleasure Pleasure, TREASURE!!!

David Sinclair

It’s been over a year ago now since Tina volunteered to sit down with me and a couple of others at Forty Plus of Central Ohio to give us improvement ideas for our web site. Her advice was sound and “spot on” as to what would help us take the next step in getting our message to our target audience.

She recommended and we implemented several SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and social media related options to improve our web “footprint”. I can confidently say that because of Tina’s expertise and help we are now reaching a much larger audience and are much better able to accomplish our mission of serving the job-seeker community.

Jeff Young

She produced a great video that was attractive, lively, fit our mission and branding.

The final product was delivered on time and with a smile! Her confidence that the product was great gave me reassurance that we had something wonderful to share!

Thanks Tina!

Mary B. Relotto

Tina conducted a workshop for us on Social Media for Job Seekers. She effectively addressed the different levels of knowledge about social media and demonstrated how it can be used to raise the profile of the job seeker as well as identify opportunities in the “hidden” job market. She would be a great speaker for any company or organization that wants to enhance its on-line image.

Sharon Hamersley

Columbus Ohio Small business Internet Marketing

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