The Power of Unsubscribing

4 Oct 2014

When I started information marketing,  I began making money right away.

This made me want to learn even more. I figured, if I could Financial Freedom Onlinemake as much as I had, a lot more had to be possible.

So I did a lot of research.

I got on every guru’s list. I learned about all kinds of business models.

Video Marketing, SEO, Local Marketing, AdSense. Blogging. Membership sites   . anything and everything that was “hot.”

But then something interesting happened, and it’s not what I was expecting. Turns out the more I learned, the more my income went DOWN.

As I was listening to more and more “better ideas,” I spent a lot of time jumping from thing to thing and my income took a nosedive.

This is because it isn’t about how disciplined you are.   As you are being bombarded by emails from all of these experts promising “the next big thing,” how can you resist the temptation to at least look?

So you innocently click on the email to check out their product. And then you buy. Or you research. Or you just waste a bunch of energy if not all your money.

Who needs that?

So I decided to go on an unsubscribing spree.

After the purge, I’m now only signed up lists that I get VALUE from.

If I’m going to continue to subscribe to someone’s list, at least one of the following must apply:

  • Do they send positive messages that make me feel good?
  • Do they send valuable content that actually helps me?

Though it may sound hokey, messages that make me feel good are extremely valuable to me. Doesn’t it make more sense to manage your energy instead of your time?  Who cares about having tons of time if you don’t have the energy to enjoy it?

So if someone is emailing me messages that lift me up, make me feel good, and give me energy… I think those are SUPER valuable. They’re my favorite messages to read.

As for emails that provide content that helps, that’s a bit more self explanatory. Why would I want to be on someone’s list if they’re constantly pitching me?

I appreciate getting valuable content I can apply right away. I love emails with quick bite sized tips.

And some pitching is absolutely fine.  In fact, I welcome it because I want to know about tools that can help me either in my business or everyday life.

But 24/7 pitching, with no helpful content… no thank you.

By keeping these factors in mind, my income has gone right back up.

I highly recommend that you do the same!

(And no, I’m not worried about you unsubscribing from my list. I do my best to meet both criteria and feel proud of what I send out.)

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